EC01-06 Download now available

I am happy to report that I now have the download ready for TCFEC01-06 .  An email was sent to all current members on October 7th with the link to download.  If you missed that download and need a new link please send me an email and I will send you a new link.

I had surgery on my Knee in September.  I have been having trouble with it locking up and so they did a scope to look see and repair the knee.   Fingers crossed its all good now because it was frustrating to wake up only to find that my knee had locked up in my sleep. I actually originally injured the knee playing soccer in 2014.  I had my ACL repaired at that time and have since retired from playing soccer.  🙁 Sniff  The good news in the ACL is till good and the Dr was able to trim a small fold on my minuscus and he thinks i will be good for years to come now.  🙂

Also in September I attended a Sewing Trade show in Niagara Falls Canada.  It was my first time to visit Niagara and I am very grateful for the opportunity to see such an amazing place.


I hope you are enjoying the designs and video I have been sending.  I would love to see any photos of the things you are making using the designs.  Please send any photos to me at

Hope your looking forward to the next download………. EC01-07 is up next….