Academy Letters with Fuzzy Fill and Puffy Foam Outline

Supplies used

  • Floriani Tearaway Medium
  • Floriani Color Keep Topping
  • Floriani Press N Bond Ultra
  • RNK Glitter Heat Transfer Foil
  • RNK Deco Magic
  • Embellish Puffy Foam

To get started you first need to fuse the RNK Deco Magic to the back of the RNK Glitter Foil.  Start by using your rotary cutter to trim the Glitter Foil and Deco Magic to the same size.  Place the fusible side of the Deco Magic to back of the Glitter Foil and press with a hot iron set to cotton.  The fusible side of the deco magic will be easy to see if you hold it to the light.   Hold for 10 seconds and repeat until you have it all fused together. Let it cool and then remove the hard plastic cover from the Glitter Foil so you can stitch directly onto the sparkly material.  

Hoop 1 layer of Floriani Tearaway Medium

Place the stiffened glitter foil that you have prepared on top and use some RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape to hold in place while sewing.  

Place the Floriani Color Keep topper on top of the Glitter Foil and use some RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape to hold in place while sewing.  

Stitch the first color of the design onto the Color Keep Topping.  In the photos above we are using pink color keep to help block the glitter foil from showing through the pink fuzzy fill.  Once the first color is complete sewing then you can proceed to remove the excess topper by pulling against the stitches and it will tear away.  

After you have removed the Topper then it is time to add the Embellish Puffy Foam over the hoop and use some RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape to hold in place while sewing color two.  Once you complete sewing color two then it is time to remove the puffy foam. The foam will easily come off when you pull against the stitches.  Remove the foam on the inside and outside of the outline.   

After you remove the puffy foam you can sew the third color directly onto the glitter foil.  This is a run stitch line that is used as a guide line to cut out the letter and leave a glitter border.  

Once the design is finished sewing then you remove from the hoop and you cut the letter or number out.  Cut directly along or just inside of the run line from color one.  

After you finish cutting out the letter then you can also remove the small edge of tear away from the backside.  It will tear away very easily when you pull against the stitches.