Digitizer Workshop

Welcome to Digitizer Workshop where you can learn to create embroidery designs with  Trevor Conquergood of Sunset Stitches.   Trevor recorded a new live class every month and all of the past classes are available to purchase and view on your own time.

Join any time and Trevor (or his mom Wendy) will send you the links to download the past classes to enjoy on your own time. This is not automatic and normally takes about 1-2 days before Trevor receives the info and sends you everything by email.

What you should purchase will depend on what software you use and what version you have.  Normally you can find out what version you have by looking under help and about while in your digitizing software.

Digitizer Workshop is suitable for people using Janome Digitizer software and also Wilcom Hatch Software and also Berninia Artista as all of these programs are based on the same tools and have a very similar work screen.

Digitizer Workshop 2016 and 2017 are suitable for these programs:

  • Janome Digitizer V5
  • Wilcom Hatch Digitizer
  • Berninia Artista V7

The current classes are Digitizer Workshop 2017 with 20 live classes to attend and download in the 2017 year.

Where should you start?  DW2016 is the first year that Trevor recorded using the new Digitizer V5 / Hatch / Berninia Software.  That is a good place to begin however each class is stand alone and so you can enjoy the classes of DW2017 without taking the past ones from DW2016.   That said Trevor suggest you love DW2016 and should get both DW2016 and DW2017 and have it all.  🙂

Do you have an older version of the Janome Digitizer software?  Trevor has past classes for V2, V3, V4 and V4.5.  Generally if you have V4 or V4.5 then all of the past classes would be of interest to you as you will have all of the tools that were used in the classes.  However if you have V2 or V3 you may not want to purchase the lessons made using V4 or V4.5 as they will include some tools that are new and not in your version.  If you have Digitizer V5 there is a new work space and while all of the past classes will still be possible for you the tools are in different places and that may be confusing especially for newer users.   For that reason I suggest people with V5 focus on the DW2016 and DW2017 lessons.

Please see this page for more information on the past class of Digitizer Workshop.