Digitizer Workshop 2016

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Learn to Digitize embroidery designs with Trevor Conquergood of Sunset Stitches. This series will help you learn to use Janome Digitizer V5 software and its also suitable for users of Wilcom Hatch Digitizer software and Berninia Artistia V7 software. Because all three programs of these programs share a very similar work space and tools the classes are easy to follow using either program.  If you are using any of these programs then this is the best place to begin learning from Trevor.

If you have an older version of Janome Digitizer software Trevor has past DVD’s that were recorded with your version.  Please visit this page to learn more. 

Purchase now and receive all of the classes to download and enjoy on your own time for years to come.  This is not automatic as it takes a day or two for Trevor (or his mom Wendy) to receive the order and send out the appropriate emails.

Digitizer Workshop 2016 includes 17 individual downloads.  Each download comes with a video of the recorded class plus any artwork and designs in .EMB format.  There is also a printable pdf class review for each class with over 50 pages in total.  Print them out and make a binder to keep track of what you are learning about for easy review.

The first download is a 7 hr quick start guide to using the new Digitizer V5 work space and tool boxes. The remaining 16 classes are all between 1-2 hrs long and in total DW2016 includes more that 35hrs of recorded video with dozens of designs and artwork.

Members can purchase the optional DVD copy of the classes for a one time cost of $10.00(US). This is sent by post and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Please use the buy now option below.

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