Digitizer Workshop 2017

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Digitizer Workshop 2017 includes 20 live classes that you can attend live however don’t worry if you miss any because you will also download each class to keep and watch on your own time.  If you miss a download that is no trouble, just email and we can send you a new link to the class.  Downloads include the class recording in beautiful HD quality with both .WMV for Windows and .MP4 for Apple.  Each class also includes designs in .emb format plus artwork and printable pdf pages.

Join any time during the year and when you join Trevor will send you all of the class that are already available for download.

Are you new to Trevor’s classes?  DW2017 is for people that use home software made by Wilcom.  Perfect for Janome V5, Wilcom Hatch Digitizer and Berninia V7.
Where should you start?  DW2016 is the first year that Trevor recorded using the new Digitizer V5 / Hatch / Berninia Software.  That is a good place to begin however each class is stand alone and so you can enjoy the classes of DW2017 without taking the past ones from DW2016.   That said Trevor suggest you will love DW2016 and that you should get both DW2016 and DW2017 to have it all.  🙂

If you have an older version of Janome Digitizer software Trevor has past DVD’s that were recorded with your version.  Please see this page for more info.

DW2017 class dates:

DW2017-01-January 25th
DW2017-02-January 26th
DW2017-03-February 27th
DW2017-04-February 28th
DW2017-05-March 15th
DW2017-06-March 16th
DW2017-07-April 12th
DW2017-08-April 13th
DW2017-09-May 17th
DW2017-10-May 18th
DW2017-11-June 21st
DW2017-12-June 22nd
July August break
DW2017-13-September 20th
DW2017-14-September 21st
DW2017-15-October 18th
DW2017-16-October 19th
DW2017-17-November 22nd
DW2017-18-November 23rd
DW2017-19-December 13th
DW2017-20-December 14th

Long time members
Do you have a re-occuring pay pal (auto payment) set up from past years classes?  Thank you very much to all of the long time members of the class.  At this time you have the option for keeping your auto payment going as payment for the DW2017 classes as you would save a little money that way or if you prefer you can cancel the auto pay now and pay with an annual renewal.   If you have any questions please let me know and me or my mom Wendy will help.

DW2017 year Complete DVD sent in the post at the end.  For an additional $10.00 (US) you can add-on a DVD copy of the classes sent to you in the post at the end of the year.  Long time members with auto pay including a DVD will automatically receive the DW2017 year complete DVD in the post.  This DVD will be sent in the post early in 2018.  Please use the link below to purchase the DVD add on to your DW2017 membership.

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