Embroidery Club 01 – Bonus DVD

Everything below is from the very last download in the Embroidery Club 01 season. This is a bonus DVD with fixed designs and some new ones! The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you will receive all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.


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In This download there are 23 designs, 6 videos, and 21 pages

Father Christmas Set

We are re releasing the Father Christmas set of designs because there was some size discrepancy’s.  We have made it so that all four designs will match in size and there are two sizes of each.  The smaller one is 190×155 (7.5”x6.1”) and the larger one is 235×190 (9.3”x7.5”).


Lace Doily Fix

This Crochet Lace Doily had an issue that resulted in a few of the crochet stitches not connecting.  The stitches have been edited and so the design is being re released. 


The Tenth Butterfly

There was a missing butterfly in the original release of this set.  There are 10 butterflies in total but for some unknown reason only 9 made it in the original release in EC01-02 and so we are re releasing the entire set of 10 again for you to have the complete set. 


Six Fabulous Skyline Sketches

This is a set of 6 beautiful city skyline sketch style embroidery designs.  Look forward to more city skyline sketch style designs in the EC02 season. 


Sketch Christmas Tree

This is a beautiful one colour sketch style Christmas tree.  It comes in two sizes and is perfect for your next Christmas project. EC01-BONUSweb.005

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