Embroidery Club 01 – Download 1

Embroidery Club 01 Download 1 is the first of 12 downloads released between April 2017, and April 2018, not including the new member download. This is a brief over view of all the things you get in this download! The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you can download all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.


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In this Download there are 23 designs, 6 videos, and 20 Pages

Red Work Ladies

This is the Redwork Ladies designs set. Five Beautiful and delicate designs


ITH Poinsettia Coasters with Kim

This is one coaster that everyone is going to love so you better make a bunch so everyone can join in the fun. Kimberly’s poinsettia coaster is made entirely in the hoop. Watch the video with Trevor and Kim and follow along with step-by-step instructions with pictures.


Mags Meandering – Cutwork Embroidery

You will love this segment of Mags Meandering with 4 beautiful cutwork embroidery designs plus a 32 minute video. Trevor and Maggie talk about the steps to make cutwork by using your scissors to cut holes in your project. EC01-01web.004

Rose Designs with Celine

Trevor and Celine want you to sew these spectacular roses on your favourite denim shirt or jacket. Watch the 28 minute video with Trevor and Celine to get tips on how to get the best results.EC01-01web.005

Folk Art Birds

You are sure to love this set of six super beautiful folk art birds. Trevor loves the folk art style for embroidery because it allows you to work with large style satin stitches that allow the natural sheen of the thread to catch the light. EC01-01web.006

Rooster Colouring Page

Everyone loves to colour and this rooster design is just in time for 2017 the year of the rooster. This red work style rooster is perfect for sewing on paper so you can use your coloured pencils give it your own personal style. EC01-01web.007

Lace Applique Doily

This freestanding lace appliqué doily is super easy to make and what a beautiful gift to bring to your next family supper.EC01-01web.008

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