Embroidery Club 01 -Download 1

Embroidery Club 01 Download 1 is the first of 12 downloads released between April 2017, and April 2018, not including the new member download. This is a brief over view of all the things you get in this download! The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you can download all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.


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In this Download there are 23 designs, 6 videos, and 20 Pages

This is the Redwork Ladies designs set. Five Beautiful and delicate designs


This is one coaster that everyone is going to love so you better make a bunch so everyone can join in the fun. Kimberly’s poinsettia coaster is made using both embroidery batting and the super cool Floriani Sew Fab Foam making it nice and cushy. The design is included as a two colour appliqué and then a second design with three colours so you can use two different fabrics on the flower petals if you like. Trevor used a water soluble stabilizer for the base of the project while Kimberly used Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh as her base. Both options worked excellent and the only difference is how you remove the appliqué from the base. For water soluble you can trim and use a wet finger to clean up the edges and with the nylon no show you can use a heat craft tool for the edges. Either way you are sure to have fun with this “In The Hoop” project by Kimberly.


You will love this segment of Mags Meandering with 4 beautiful cutwork embroidery designs plus a 32 minute video. Trevor and Maggie talk about the steps to make cutwork by using your scissors to cut holes in your project. Be sure to also see the pdf instructions that Maggie has included with the four embroidery designs. Learn to hoop water dissolving stabilize with your fabric to hold the fabric in place when you cut the holes. Trevor didn’t follow all of maggie’s instructions and although he did still arrive with a good sewing result Maggie still puts him in his place. LOL As always the video interview with Trevor and Maggie is lot of fun.


Trevor and Celine want you to sew these spectacular roses on your favourite denim shirt or jacket. Watch the 28 minute video to learn how you can use sticky stabilizer and not actually hoop the shirt. You will print a template to use to align the design on the shirt and then place that on the sticky stabilizer that is in the hoop. Trevor suggest adding a couple of pieces of pink embroidery perfection tape to be sure that the shirt is held in place. You can use Floriani Wet N Stick or Perfect Stick for stabilizers and because the designs have over 25,000 stitches each Trevor suggests using a sticky cutaway. If you only have sticky tearaway you can use that and then float a layer of cutaway under the hoop. That will ensure the embroidery stays nice and flat for years to come.


You are sure to love this set of six super beautiful folk art birds. Trevor loves the folk art style for embroidery because it allows you to work with large style satin stitches that allow the natural sheen of the thread to catch the light. They are large size designs and would be well suited for home decor or quilting. The designs are between 25 and 40,000 stitches and so you will want to use cutaway stabilizer. If you want to sew them on light weight material you can use a fabric prep like Floriani Dream Weave Ultra and then stabilize with Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh. These could also be used on the back of a denim jacket and you are sure to find other excellent places they will look amazing.EC01-01web.006

Everyone loves to colour and this rooster design is just in time for 2017 the year of the rooster. This red work style rooster is perfect for sewing on paper so you can use your coloured pencils give it your own personal style. Make one for everyone in the family and see how different the results are. For paper Trevor suggests that you purchase “Rag Paper” also known as “Watercolour Paper”. Rag paper is made from cotton fibres and is better suited to the needle penetrations of embroidery. It comes in different colours and some times includes coloured flecks in the paper. Cut the paper to lay flat inside of the embroidery hoop. Simply hoop some fusible cutaway stabilizer and lay the paper on top. The design will stitch the paper to the stabilizer and they will stay together. When you take it our of the hoop you can trim the excess stabilizer and then iron the paper to fuse it to the cutaway for a clean finish.


This freestanding lace appliqué doily is super easy to make and what a beautiful gift to bring to your next family supper. At 48,000 sts you can make this design in around an hour but remember to make it a day ahead so you have time to let the lace dry. Watch the 5 minute bonus video where Trevor will review the steps to sew this awesome new table doily. Trevor made his all one colour however there are stops so you can use several colours if you prefer.EC01-01web.008

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