Embroidery Club 01 – Download 2

Below is a brief over view of Embroidery Club 01 Download 2. The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you will receive all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.EC01-01web.001

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In this Download There are 46 designs, 6 videos, and 21 pages

Mags Meandering – Japanese Cranes and Crochet Lace

The design of 4 spectacular Japanese cranes with leaves is designed to sew in a large 8×10” hoop.  In the video with Trevor and Mags to get all the insider details about this design and where it came from.


Also in this class is the most delicate and beautiful section of filet crochet lace that you can combine to make a lace border done with Mags as well.


Red-work Circles

These two spectacular red-work style embroidery designs are perfect for colouring with fabric markers.  Sunflower Hill and the River are from a collection of artwork Trevor calls the Red Circle Series.   EC01-02web.003

Ornamental Butterflies

This set of 10 ornamental butterflies are beautiful on their own but they are also perfect for colouring in with fabric markers or paints.  EC01-02web.004

ITH Zipper Bag with Kim

This ITH zipper bag is sure to become your favourite gift to make for your friends and loved ones.  Everyone would love a beautiful quilted ,  fully lined zipper bag and you can easily personalize these bags to make them extra special. Watch the video with Kim and Trevor and follow along with the step-by-step instructions with pictures.EC01-02web.005

Fashion Patches with Celine

Trevor and Celine teamed up to bring you these fun and easy to make fashion patches.  The designs include a run stitch outline that is meant to help you cut the patches our with a small amount of the patch material showing around.  EC01-02web.006

Free Standing Lace Bowl

This is sure to become one of your favourite free standing lace bowls.  It is very easy to make and doesn’t take very much time.  You simply sew the design all in one hoop and then add a few hand stitches to help connect the petals.  EC01-02web.007

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