Embroidery Club 01 – Download 4

Everything below is from the forth download in the Embroidery Club 01 season.   The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you will receive all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.


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In This download there are 36 designs, 6 videos, and 21 pages

Blank Doodle Page with Celine

Super Fun Blank Doodle Page to sew on Paper plus a 21 minute video with Trevor and Celine included.


Prideful Lion Colouring Page

The Prideful Lion is a run line outline design that is prefect for embroidery on paper or quilting. 


First Love

First Love is a set of 10 adorable girls and boys that are perfect for quilting or sewing on paper and colouring in with pencils EC01-04web.003

ITH Eye Glasses Case with Kim

This is a great project because everyone needs a nice case to keep their glasses in.  The instructions are super easy to follow and Kimberly’s step by step photos make it perfectly clear what the steps are. Awesome In-The-Hoop Eye Glasses Cases plus a 19 minute video with Trevor and Kim included.


Jolly Snowmen Squares

Jolly Snowmen Squares is a set of 10 outline style designs that are prefect for quilting or sewing on paper and colouring. EC01-04web.005

Mags Meandering – King Winter

King Winter is the second design from the Father Christmas series.  Includes a 13 minute bonus video with Trev and Mags. King Winter is a beautiful design that is sure to win your heart and find a place in your home with your traditional Christmas decorations.


Applique Photo Frame Greeting card

Photo Frame Greeting Card Project with a 9 minute bonus video with Trevor. Watch the video to learn how to sew this design on paper and then remove the centre of the star so you can add a photo. 


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