Embroidery Club 01 – Download 5

Everything below is from the fifth download in the Embroidery Club 01 season.   The good news about Embroidery Club 1 is that its a complete club! Once you purchase this club you will receive all 13 downloads which include 420 embroidery designs, 300 PDF pages and 69 videos.


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In This download there are 27 designs, 5 videos, and 21 pages

Mags Meandering – Butterflies and Snails

Birds Butterflies and Snails is perfect for quilting or for colouring with pens and pencils.  Includes a 20 minute bonus video with Trev and Mags.EC01-05web.001

Blue Doves

A whimsical set of 10 Blue Dove embroidery designs. Just imagine them on a set of adorable napkins


Flower Embroidery Fabric with Celine

Create your own flower embroidered fabric with this repeatable design.  Watch the 30 minute video with Celine and Trevor for all the details.


Shell heart Colouring Page

Stunning Shell Heart design is a run-line style that is perfect for quilting or sewing on paper and colouring with pencils. EC01-05web.004

Country Day

Country Day is a set of 9 adorable girls and boys that are perfect for quilting or sewing on paper and colouring with pencils. EC01-05web.005

ITH Poinsettia CD Coaster with Kim

Awesome In The Hoop Poinsettia CD Coaster plus a 17 minute video with Trevor and Kim Included. This is a fun In The Hoop project with Kimberly where you will use an old CD that you don’t need any longer as part of the inside of the coaster to make it stronger.


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