FTCU Power Start 2022

Join Trevor for this special series of classes about Floriani FTCU software. New owners will love these classes because they will get a power start they need to be able to easily do what they want. Everyone that owns FTCU is welcome to join the FTCU Power Start.

You can get started right away because once you join as a member you will be able to download all of the classes and begin watching them right away. This will allow you to watch the video and then pause Trevor and try the things yourself, plus you can rewind and replay as many times as you need. You will download and keep the recordings plus any designs and artwork so you have them to review for years to come.

Purchase your ticket to FTCU Power Start – Live Summer 2022 today!

Pay $24.99USD to gain access to all 8 classes. Membership will give you full access to the classes so you can download and enjoy them on your own time. Each class will include the class recording, the class PDF pages plus any designs and artwork from the class.

Join as a member today.

To join as a member visit any of the member class pages where you can either login or choose to join as as new member. Once you complete the registration and payment then you will be able to login and see the content of the member pages. There are currently two options available for you to join, 1)FTCU Power Start and 2)FTCU Workshop 04. You can join for both sets of classes but you do need to complete joining one and then go back and join the other. The cost is $24.99 USD to join for the Power Start classes and $99 to join for FTCU Workshop 04.

Please note that the member login is all new for the 2022 classes and everyone needs to join like a new member. Even if you have previously joined for Workshop 01, 02 or 03 you still need to make a new account to join 04.

Member Pages