FTCU Power Start – The Best Place to Begin!

Join Trevor for this special series of 8 classes about Floriani FTCU software. New owners will love these classes because they will learn the most important topics you need to understand to be able to make what you want with the program. This is the perfect way for a new user to get started and also a great set of classes for an existing user to brush up on the good stuff.

Join as a member to get instant access to the classes. You will download each class and keep them in a folder on your computer so you will always have them for years to come. Enjoy the lessons as many times as you like plus you can pause the class recording and try things on your program and re watch as needed. Each class includes a printable class review and Trevor suggests you start a binder to keep all of the classes in for easy review of a topic.

Join FTCU Power Start today for only $24.95 or join Workshop 04 and get them free.

The Power Start classes are included with membership to Workshop 04 and so if you plan to join W04 you do not need to join the Power Start Classes separately. To learn more about Workshop 04 please visit this page.

To Join as a member of the Power Start classes visit this page to find the option to Login or Join. Once you join then you will be able to login and visit the member page and download all of the classes.

If you have any questions or need help please send email to trevor@sunsetstitches.com