Embroidery Club Season 1


Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club is for anyone that owns an embroidery machine.  Join as a member to receive all of the spectacular designs and excellent projects with fun videos. You can download everything today and enjoy the projects on your own time for years to come.  

Trevor is joined by friends Maggie Cooper, Kim Diemert and Celine Ross who each contribute projects, designs and their tips and tricks in the videos.  You will love them as much as Trevor does.  

Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club 01 is a set of designs and videos that you download from Trevor’s website.  If you break it down all together there are 420 spectacular embroidery designs,  300 Printable PDF pages and 69 videos.  Originally released in a monthly download  there are 12 downloads to collect.  Each download includes several folders with the design sets and projects.  Purchase membership today and get access to the  EC01 member download page

Purchase On-Line today.

On Sale for $129.98 for the I Heart Embroidery Sale.

Sales ends February 20th 2023. Please visit this page and choose Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club 01. You can create an account or if you have an account on the website already you can login and then proceed to join. If you need help you can email trevor@sunsetstitches.com

You can pay on line to join or you may have already purchased your membership from a local sewing store.  In that case please see the info below. 

Purchase Membership from a Local Sewing Store

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If you purchased Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club DVD in a store the code inside needs to be used with our DVD Registration page and Trevor will contact you with how to download.

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