Embroidery Club Season 1


Everyone who owns an embroidery machine should join Embroidery Club because the designs are spectacular and Trevor’s videos make it fun and easy to learn how to do almost everything and anything with Embroidery.  You will love meeting Trevor’s friends like Celine Ross owner of Ecole de Couture a sewing school in Montreal Canada and Kimberley Diemert from California USA who is an in the hoop genius and Maggie Cooper from England who’s crochet designs are stunning. You can purchase a new member DVD from a distributor or you can join directly with Trevor by clicking this link. Press here to join on-line directly from Trevor.

If you already own a copy of the new member DVD and need to enter your New Member redemption code for Embroidery Club 1, follow this link! please visit this page to join as a member.

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Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club 01 is a complete set of designs and videos that you download from Trevor’s website.  All together there are 420 spectacular embroidery designs,  300 Printable PDF pages and 69 videos with over 20hrs to watch. Here are some of his favorite designs from each download!!!

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Ready to join Embroidery Club 1 and receive all the designs, videos, and PDF pages right away? Click here!!

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Join as a member today to receive all of the designs , pages and videos right away.  The regular price to join is $199 however it is currently on special for $99.99 for a limited time.  We suggest you ask at your local sewing store if they sell the New Member DVD as many stores already carry it or can order a copy.  In the USA the New Member DVD is sold by the best embroidery company on the planet called RNK Distributing.  RNK offers amazing embroidery and sewing related products exclusively to sewing stores with brands you love such as Floriani and Quilters Select. Sewing Stores in Canada and other countries should contact Trevor to bring the new Member DVD to their stores.

Customers , thank you for purchasing the new member DVD.  Trevor believes we need to support the local sewing store as much as possible because they are such a valuable part of your community. Lets be honest without the local sewing store where will you go to make new friends and have sewing fun?  If you have already purchased the new member DVD that is awesome and thank you.  Now please visit this page to register with Trevor and receive all of the designs, pages and videos that are included. please visit this page to join as a member.

One of our favorite designs to create for the club is coloring pages. these designs are line designs that can be sewn on paper to be colored in or sewn on fabric as a beautiful single color design!

You will also find lots of In the hoop Projects in our downloads. In the hoop projects are pretty self explanatory! They are easy to follow, fun to create multi-step, fully cognizable designs that are created almost entirely in the hoop!! Included with each design is step by step instructions including pictures, and a Video of Trevor and friends talking about the design and how you can apply it!!

Join On-Line directly from Trevor

You can also purchase membership to Embroidery Club 01 directly from Trevor.  Go ahead and use the link below to pay on-line with pay pal or credit card and then Trevor will receive the payment and email you to welcome you and send you all of the designs pages and videos.  Press here to join on-line directly from Trevor.


This club is about anything and everything embroidery with great projects and lessons.  You will lean so much from Trevor along with his friends and family while having fun watching the videos that come in the downloads.  The embroidery designs that you receive are spectacular and your friends and family will love receiving new home made gifts that you create using them.  

New Member DVD

This is the new member DVD that is available from a sewing store near you.  The DVD is sold by RNK Distributing and you can look on their website to find a dealer near you.

Available from RNK Distributing


Phone 865-549-5115 (toll free 877-331-0034

New Member Redemption Code

People that purchase this DVD from a sewing store will need to visit this webpage and register to receive the 12 monthly downloads that are loaded with beautiful designs, printable pdf pages and video to watch.

Look inside of your DVD case to find your new member redemption code.  Once you have that information please visit this page to join as a member.