Fusion Workshop

Welcome to Fusion Workshop with Trevor Conquergood of Sunset Stitches.  This workshop is for people with Floriani Fusion software and includes a DVD plus a series of 12 classes.  The DVD includes a series of videos called the quick start guid because they are intended to help  you learn to use the software as quickly as possible.  Inside of the DVD case there is a member redemption code that you can use to join directly with Trevor as a member of the Fusion Workshop.  Once you have joined you will be able to login and download all of the classes to enjoy on your own time and for years to come.  

Can FTCU software owners participate in the Fusion Workshop?  Yes that is possible because all of the tools and features of the Fusion software are also included in the FTCU program.  However the FTCU Workshop’s 1,2,3 and 4 are the suggested workshops for FTCU owners.  

 Please send email if you have any questions.  trevor@sunsetstitches.com

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