Welcome to Sunset Stitches

Home of Trevor Conquergood’s Embroidery Studio.

Sunset Stitches is based in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Contact Trevor by email trevor@sunsetstitches.com.

How to Join as a Member so you can access your classes.

FTCU Workshop, 01-04

Join the free Power Start classes and get started learning to digitize embroidery using Floriani FTCU software. Workshop 04 is the latest with new live on-line classes in 2024. Workshop 01, 02 and 03 are complete and you can download and enjoy the classes on your own time.

Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club 01 & 02

Join for Spectacular embroidery designs and fun projects with Trevor and Friends.

The Trevor Trove

Includes membership to these collections:

Floriani FTCU Workshop 01, 02, 03 & 04

Floriani Fusion Workshop plus Sketch Style Embroidery

Trevor and Friends embroidery club Season 01 and 02