FTCU Workshop 04 – The Next Gen

Join Trevor for this special series of 10 classes that are perfect for a new owner that wants to really improve their skills. These are all new classes and will also be of interest to anyone that has taken any of the past FTCU workshop series. Anyone can join for Workshop 04 and there is no need to have already taken Workshop 01, 02 or 03.

In Workshop 04 you will meet the next generation of Digitizers in the Conquergood family (Trevor’s kids, Lauren , Nicholas and Reese), plus get to know the first generation (Trevor’s parents, George and Wendy) a little also.

There will be 10 classes in the “Next Gen” series starting in September 2022 going until June 2023. You are welcome to join at any time and if it is after the classes have started you can binge watch and catch up to the class. The classes will be recorded live and members have the opportunity to attend live and ask questions, however if you miss the live class that is not a problem because you can watch the class recording and never miss a class.

Members will have a login to be able to access the classes at any time and also download the classes so you can keep them on your computer and enjoy again and again for years to come. Each class will include the class recording plus any designs and artwork that go with the class.

This will be the most interactive workshop Trevor has ever offered with plenty of opportunity to learn by doing. You will be able to follow along with Trevor and learn as you make and edit embroidery designs. There will be “design challenges” for you to try the things you’re learning, lots of Challenges.

The cost to join FTCU Workshop 04 is $99.99 USD. Please register as a member today.

Classes will be recorded live from 1:00pm -3:00pm Eastern Time and then posted to the member page for viewing and download when ready.

Below are the projected class dates however it is entirely possible some of these dates may need to be adjusted to allow for Trevor’s travel schedule. If members register to attend live then they will also be notified by email of any changes in the schedule. If there is a change we will know months in advance and will update the schedule at that time.

FTCU Workshop 04 – The Next Gen – Class Dates:

Tuesday September 27th

Tuesday October 25th

Tuesday November 29th

Tuesday December 20th

Tuesday January 24th

Tuesday February 21st

Tuesday March 21st

Tuesday April 18th

Tuesday May 23rd

Tuesday June 20th

Join as a member today.

To join first press the link for any of the member class pages. That will take you to the class page and it will tell you that you need to be a member. There are links to either login or join. If you choose join it will take you the page where you can select the class you want to join. There are two options with the FTCU Power Start live August 2022 and then FTCU Workshop 04 that starts September 2022. You can join for both sets but you do need to complete joining one and then go back and join the other.

Please note that the member login in is all new for the 2022 classes and everyone needs to join like a new member. Even if you have previously joined for Workshop 01, 02 or 03 you still need to make a new account to join 04.

FTCU Workshop 04 – Member pages

The links below are for registered members to access the class registration and then later on the class recording and download will be available from these pages.