FTCU Workshop 03

Welcome to FTC-U Workshop 03.  If you already have this DVD and would like to register with Trevor as a member of the class please see the member registration form at the bottom of this page.

FTCU Workshop is available exclusively from RNK Distributing and your local Floriani dealer. There are no on-line sales of the product. Please visit RNK Distributing to find a dealer. www.RNKDistributing.com / Phone 865-549-5115

The DVD’s are only the begging because in addition to the video on the DVD there is a special redemption code to use to register with Trevor as a member of the class. Once you register you will receive email from Trevor to download an additional 12 classes.


FTC-U Workshop 03 Member Registration – Redemption Code is required!

Please do not fill in this form unless you have already purchased this DVD and have the required redemption code.  

Please note!!  Registration is not automatic.  Trevor will receive your information and process the request personally.  This can take time and your patience is appreciated.  Please allow up to two weeks for Trevor to reply.  If you have not received an email from Trevor after two weeks please email Trevor to follow up.  trevor@sunsetstitches.com