Join Embroidery Club Season 01

Trevor will be very happy to help you join as a member of Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club.  Please use the link below to pay on line with pay pal or credit card.  If you prefer Trevor can also accept a cheque sent in the mail for payment.

Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club 01 – Retail Value $199.99

Now on sale for 99.99, join today as this is a limited time offer.

Trevor and his mom Wendy will help you make the payment and send you all of the designs, pages and videos to download.  If you need any help with anything please send an email and either Trevor or his mom Wendy will reply.

Once you make the payment it may take a day or two before Trevor and Wendy actually sit down to receive new members.  At that time you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to download all of the spectacular designs, pages and videos.   Everything can be downloaded and you will receive all 416 designs, 280 PDF pages and 68 videos at the same time.  Thank you so very much for your support.