FTCU how to download classes

I made this video to show you how to download a class and then un zip and extract the files to your computer.  I hope it helps you however if you need any more help please do not hesitate to send me an email and either myself or my mom Wendy will be happy to help.  trevor@sunsetstitches.com

I use a service called Hightail to send my classes for download.  You do not need to join Hightail as I am a member and you will be able to download the files directly to your computer and keep them there to enjoy for years to come.

The main class download is in a .zip format.  Think of that like keeping your carrots in a zip lock baggie, it make it easy to take them with you however you will need to open the bag and take the carrots out to be able to enjoy them.  In this same way we can use the zip format to gather together several files into one for a single download.  However once you have the file you will need to open and then extract the contents.  I show how to do all of that in the video.

The main class zip will include any designs and artwork along with a printable class review in the .pdf format.  The video is included in .wmv format for easy play with windows media player.  I also create a second format of the video .mp4 that is better for Apple products.  The mp4 format video is an extra and optional download as the main zip file will include everything you need.