Sunset Stitches Members Page

Starting July 2022 we are adding membership levels to our website. This will allow people to join as a member of Trevor’s classes and have exclusive access to the class pages with login on the website.

Membership is currently only available for the new classes in 2022 and 2023, specifically the FTCU Power Start – Live Summer 2022 and FTCU Workshop 04 The Next Generation. We hope to add our older clubs and workshops to the site in the future.

If you have purchased a DVD for FTCU Workshop 01 , FTCU Workshop 02 or FTCU Workshop 03 please visit that page to register. Trevor will receive the info and send you the welcome email and download links. Trevor typically adds new members once a week but please allow up to two weeks before you get concerned. If you are not sure we got your info or your hoping to get the email sooner please email Trevor at

FTCU Workshop

You can choose multiple levels from this group.

FTCU Power Start

$24.99 now.

FTCU Workshop 04

$99.99 now.