EC01-04 July Download is available

It’s August 2nd and I am just now finally sending the July (EC01-04) download.  The email has been sent to all current club members and if you did not receive it please send me an email and we can send you new links.  Sorry for the delay and her is a bit of an update.

It’s actually because I was late sending this download that I decided that I would create this new and updates page so you would always know where to look if you are wondering what you may have missed.

July started out with a really fun trip to Moore’s sewing in Sunny California.  I visited 6 stores in the So Cal Valley and it was so fun to meet so many new members to the Trevor and Friends Embroidery Club.  Below are some Photos that were taken at the evens.

We had a super fun time in Victorville where it was 110 degrees in the High Desert but George Moore and I put on our winter jackets and toques to make a funny video. We did a parody video similar to Bob and Doug MacKenzie the crazy Canadians from Second City TV in the 1990’s.  Watch the video on Youtube for a good laugh.  If you don’t know about Bob and Doug (Take Off! EH!) you can google them because it puts our video into perspective.  My Wife Lorna loved the video and gave us a 5 golden toque rating. 🙂

When I got home from LA it was time to take my kids to the lake and enjoy some of the summer.  We have our own family day at the lake every year and with everyone that can make it.  We actually celebrate the people that are no longer with us on Family day and we do a stone toss into the lake to remember our loved ones.   Below is the 2017 Conquergood family day photo plus a couple of beautiful Sunset Photos from Wakaw Lake that weekend.  DSC_0181

After the Family day I should have had lots of time to complete the July EC01-04 download however I had a boating accident on July 22nd and was hit in the face with a knee board and needed to have stitches in my nose. I was lucky it did not hit my eye or my teeth and I would heal up good as new.  Unfortunately my stitches became infected and even after 3 days of antibiotics I was getting worse every day.  They put me on IV antibiotics and finally I responded and started to get better.  I am still not that pretty to look at today but you would not have wanted to see me on Sunday July 30th because I was a mess.  I am well on my way to recovery now and am happy to say that I have finally completed the EC01-04 download.  I know what was I thinking riding a Kneeboard, do I think I’m still a kid?

I hope you enjoyed my update and if you like you can leave a comment below.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the new designs and videos.

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