TCFEC01-05 Download for August is now available.

I am happy to report that I now have the download ready for TCFEC01-05 .  An email was sent to all current members on September 6th with the link to download.  If you missed that download and need a new link please send me an email and I will send you a new link.

I have really enjoyed spending time with my family this summer and as my kids get ready for school I can hardly believe that August is over.


I want to say thank you to everyone that commented last month after my unfortunate boating accident.  I am happy to report that my nose injury is mostly healed now and you can hardly even notice it happened.  Since I didn’t shave for a while I ended up with a beard.  I trimmed it up and I think I like it.  I even got a new hair cut.  What do you think of the new beard?  Keep it  or Cut it?   Feel free to comment below.  I can’t promise anything but it’s fun to hear what people think.



  1. Well I see a 7 oclock shadow, a small moustache, but no beard. which hair on your head did you cut as I swear I can see a pony tail. Only kidding, but seriously the chin stubble isn’t a beard yet.

    Mags, who does have enough chin hair to qualify as being a bearded lady.

  2. Keep it, but let us see it next month. Does your wife like it? That should be the deciding factor really.

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