EC01-08 Download now available.

Oh how time seams to be speeding up, it’s already the 15th of December and where has the year gone.  Saskatoon is beautiful this time of year and everyone is excited about the holidays.  I want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season with your family and friends.

I was in Pigeon Forge TN at the begging of December and we had Snow.  Not sure if I brought the snow with me or if they had it just so I would feel at home, either way it was beautiful to see.  You might notice I shaved!


I am happy to say that the download for EC01-08 is now available. I hope you are enjoying the monthly club downloads. The latest download (EC01-08) has now been sent. If you need a new link to any of the downloads please send me an email and either me or my mom Wendy will be happy to help you.