EC01-10 Download now available

It’s March 14th and on the radio today they were talking about this being called pie day because 3.14 is also known as pie.  Well today is also the day I completed and sent out the EC01-10 download.  I am always happy when I send out the latest download and I imagine it to be like how Elton John might feel when he publishes his latest single.  Could this month be my crocodile rock?  I hope you love the latest designs and videos.

Looking back at the blog I misses posting for last download and several months have passed.   I have been busy traveling to attend some amazing embroidery events.  I really enjoy meeting new people that love embroidery like I do.  I am going to try to get organized and share some photos from my travels and post more info on where I will be visiting in the future.


I have sent out the download links for the EC01-10 download.  If you are a member of EC01 and still need a copy to this class or any of the classes pleases just sent me an email and either myself or my mom Wendy will be happy to help you.